Hi I’m Melissa (Mel for short). I love telling stories, so instead of a bio have this synopsis of my theoretical self entitled debut novel:
 A hybrid of unlikely genres - Mel is a story about an aspiring art director living in New York looking to break into and revolutionize the industry. Mel first stepped into the art world when she fell in love with the characters from the Sunday paper. Then, through a series of random yet valuable side gigs (including working as a tutor, and selling computers) Mel realized her passion lay at the intersection of conceptualization, technology, and creativity. Where will this story go? Hopefully somewhere with a poppin playlist and comfy chairs. 
If you'd like to read a novel that actually exists, check out what I'm currently reading.
Or just send me a message at melissa_deoliveira@fitnyc.edu
Or call me at (914) 843-2904
Or download my resume 
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